[Event] Who’s the Boss? - 05/14/19 ~ 05/27/19

5/14/2019 4:54:17 PM

Who’s the Boss?
Event Date: 05/14/19 ~ 05/27/19
Reward: (All Participants) 5 Boss Essence of most voted Boss, 3 Boss Essence of 2nd Boss, 1 Boss essence of 3rd Boss, 30 Guardian Holy Water, 20 Guardian Essence (100)

The Boss monsters in the MU Continent have an annual conference to discuss how to tease more warriors. When they all gathered together, the Death King spoke. “So, we have been gathering for decades, but I’ve always been curious who is the cutest? I’m pretty sure that I’m the one but what do you think?” Every Boss monster thought themselves were the cutest and so they started growling at each other. The arguing never seemed to end, so they left it to warriors to vote for the cutest Boss monster. The Boss monsters are willing to give anything to win, even their precious essences. Please make a wise vote!

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