[Event] A Lost Child - 05/28/19 ~ 06/10/19

5/28/2019 4:34:50 PM

A Lost Child
Event Date: 05/28/19 ~ 06/10/19
Reward: (All Participants) 2 Wings Upgrade Package, 1 Jewel of Guardian Set, 3 Rainbow Feather, 1 Astrology Set

On an adventure in the MU continent, you met a little girl who has lost her parents and is wandering in the forest. She is in great danger due to the monsters lurking around and needs to be sent home safely. However, she doesn’t remember the name of her hometown, and yet is trying her best to describe it. Can you take her home with the help of these hints? Post a screenshot of your character in any safety area in her hometown, and you will be given rewards!
1. Her parents were not strong enough to enter maps for above Rebirth 6.
2. Her compass needle is pointing at the east side of Lorencia.
3. The region is home to one of the Guild Bosses.
4. The land is said to be very dark.

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