[Event] The End Game - 06/11/19 ~ 06/24/19

6/10/2019 4:16:52 PM

The End Game
Event Date: 06/11/19 ~ 06/24/19
Reward: (All Participants) 5 Superior Soul Stone, 100 Emblem Light, 50 Emblem Guardian, 2 Wings Upgrade Package, 2 Jewel of Guardian Set

The MU Continent is under attack from unknown extra-terrestrial forces! Jehrain is urgently looking for warriors with superhuman powers to help defend the borders. However, as you all know, each hero is unique, and there cannot be two of the same. Recruit a team composed of warriors from each of five classes. Post a screenshot of the five of you together! Jehrain will provide special rewards for you all!

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