[Event] Can You Join a Clan? Part Two - 06/11/19 ~ 06/24/19

6/10/2019 4:26:06 PM

Can You Join a Clan? Part Two
Event Date: 06/11/19 ~ 06/24/19
Reward: (All New Clan Members) 10 Random Superior Fruit Package, 5 Superior*Badge Box, 5 Superior Soul Stone, 2 Jewel of Guardian Set (All New Clan Masters) 10 Random Superior Fruit Package, 10 Superior Badge Box, 10 Superior Soul Stone, 5 Jewel of Guardian Set, 1 Footprint Box

After Jehrain returned from the Secret Ruins with many unique Wings, the other NPCs were jealous of him and decided to start their own adventures. They are also recruiting Clans to help search the unknown lands and get rid of monsters in the way. However, due to the toxic nature of the Secret Ruins, warriors cannot go into the lands again so soon. Only those who did not visit the last time are able to enter. Post a screenshot with four other Clan members, and you will be provided with resources that will help your journey! Additional special gifts are prepared for the founders of each Clan as well!

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