[Event] Create a Name! - 06/25/19 ~ 07/08/19

6/25/2019 3:52:44 PM

Create a Name!
Event Date: 06/25/19 ~ 07/08/19
Reward: (All Participants) 1 Magic Book Set, 1000 Aether Dust, 3 Special Bless Set, 3 Special Soul Set, 3 Special Life Set

After the recent attacks on the MU World, the residents gathered together to hold a meeting about protecting themselves in the future. They decided that a new defense organization was needed to ensure their safety. The powerful wizard Delgado was elected as the leader of this new group. He said that he will be choosing its members from the warriors that helped defend the previous assault. However, the name of the group is yet to be decided. Even after many arguments, no conclusion was made. Can you help them choose a name? Everyone that presents an idea will be rewarded with many gifts for their cause!

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