[Event] Treasure Hunt - 07/09/19 ~ 07/15/19

7/9/2019 6:27:36 PM

Treasure Hunt
Event Date: 07/09/19 ~ 07/15/19
Reward: (Normal Treasure Map Participants) 10 Enchant Stone x 2, Emblem Light x 50, Emblem Guardian x 30, Superior Soul Stone x 5 (Advanced & Superior Treasure Map Participants) 10 Enchant Stone x 3, Emblem Light x 80, Emblem Guardian x 50, Superior Soul Stone x 10, Magic Book Set x 1

Adventures are all exciting, but there is nothing like searching for buried treasures! Recently, the infamous pirate Nigiro was captured by the newly created defense organization of Delgado. On Nigiro’s corsair, thousands of treasure maps were found. Delgado decided to spread them around the continent and bury as they were too much of a burden.
The opportunity has come for warriors to use them and discover treasures. Post a screenshot after successfully excavating a location directed by a treasure map, and additional rewards will be given!

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