[Event] 3 Years of MU - 07/23/19 ~ 08/05/19

7/23/2019 1:15:43 PM

3 Years of MU
Event Date: 07/23/19 ~ 08/05/19
Reward: (One 3) 10 Enchant Stone x 3, Wings Upgrade Package x 3, Magic Book Set x 3, Jewel of Guardian Set x 3, Sweet Footprint Box x 1 (Three 3's) 10 Enchant Stone x 5, Wings Upgrade Package x 5, Magic Book Set x 5, Jewel of Guardian Set x*5, Sweet Footprint Box x 1

MU Origin has reached 3 years since it’s official launch! Celebrate the anniversary together by including the number 3 in your CP. If all goes well, everyone in the MU continent will be showing a 3 in their character screen, isn’t that cool? Be the first one to start by posting a screenshot of your CP!

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