[Event] Anti Chimera Headquarters - 10/15/19 ~ 10/23/19

10/15/2019 9:27:16 AM

Anti Chimera Headquarters
Event Date: 10/15/19 ~ 10/23/19
Reward: (All Participants)- 15 Superior Soul Stone, 15 Wolf Dust (100), 5 Superior Badge Box, 3 Awaken Essece Box (For Correct Answerers)- 5 Jewel of Guardian Set

Chimera is a creature of tragedy. They are called same but has all the different exteriors. It's because the chimera is a compound of different monsters. So, facing the chimera is not an easy fight. Since they have different parts from different monsters which means that each of them has different weaknesses. That's why we need a monster specialists like you. Please take a close look at the chimera and distinguish which part of the body is from which monster.

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