[Event] Quiz Knights - 10/24/19 ~ 10/30/19

10/23/2019 5:22:32 PM

Quiz Knights
Event Date: 10/24/19 ~ 10/30/19
Reward: (Fastest Participant with correct Answer)- 1 Special Costume Box, 10 Charm Seal, 10 Power Crystal (100), 2 Advanced Medal Box, 5 Mount Evolve Treasure

Welcome back, Warriors! ...Or should I say, Quiz Knights! Another night for the quiz of great fortune has started. This time, the quiz will be randomly given to servers at 18:00 in game. To correctly submit your answer, you have to take an in-game screenshot of the quiz and post it with the answer. The fastest person with the right answer will be the winner! Please note that the quiz will be randomly given to some of the servers across 7 days, and the servers will only have one chance each. Also, the event can only be participated in once during the period. So, stay ready to achieve your fortune!

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