[Event] Reward Candidates - 11/15/19 ~ 11/25/19

11/14/2019 5:12:45 PM

Reward Candidates
Event Date: 11/15/19 ~ 11/25/19
Reward: (All Participants) 15 Tarot Card Pack, 2 Astrology Set, 30 Lunar Flame, 15 Starlight Box, 15 Random Superior Fruit

Breaking news on MUN. Good day, this is MUN news. We are here in front of the fountain of Lorencia. With Black Friday up ahead, the people are voting for the item they wish to receive as the Black Friday Reward. Many have gathered and shown interest in the event. The voting will begin on the 15th of November and continue until the 25th. This was Mun reporting. Thank you.

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