[Event] MU Origin Update Video - 11/26/19 ~ 12/02/19

11/26/2019 3:43:40 AM

MU Origin Update Video
Event Date: 11/26/19 ~ 12/02/19
Reward: (All Participants) 2 Magical Book Set, 10 Clan Pet EXP Pack, 100 Emblem Light, 50 Emblem Guardian, 30 Heaven Drop

Lately, a video became very popular among the citizens of Lorencia. So, we have prepared that video for you! Let's watch it together!


Welcome to the land of fantasy, Mu Origin! This video is for the Warriors that want to know more about the new updaaaaaaaateee... Oh no, the video is ruined! The reason behind this video's popularity is because there are rewards for watching it until the end! To receive the rewards, watch the video until the end, press Like and participate on the Facebook page!

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