MU Origin - Land of Chaos - Patch Notes

11/28/2019 2:26:19 AM

■ MU Origin Update (v11.0) ■

Newly added contents

1. Land of Chaos

- Reverse: A Higher Experience! The 'Land of Chaos' has been updated.
- The Land of Chaos feature is activated along with the opening of the Reverse.
- Find The Land of Chaos by touching [My Character > Reverse > Land of Chaos].
- Boss Monsters appear every day at 12:30, 14:30, and 18:30.
- A certain amount of Reverse lv. is required to challenge Land of Chaos Boss Monsters. You may not participate if your Reverse lv. is too high or low.
- There are 6 Boss Monsters in total, all of which wield Reverse DMG Increase properties.
# Lord Silvester: Light, Dark, Nature DMG Increase
# Gnome: Dark, Nature, Chaos DMG Increase
# Hasturun: Nature, Chaos, Spirit DMG Increase
# Dread Queen: Light, Chaos, Spirit DMG Increase
# Ruins Spirit: Light, Spirit, Dark DMG Increase
# Nix: Light, Dark, Nature DMG Increase
- Receive various item rewards by defeating Boss Monsters of The Land of Chaos.
# Glory Stone Bag, Blessing Tool, Exceed Point, Reverse Equipment Chest, Reverse Stone Chest, etc.
- You can enter The Land of Chaos alone, and you can enter or create parties after entering.
- Bosses create tombs after they are defeated in The Land of Chaos. You may mine the tombs to receive random rewards.
- Each tomb has a mine limit of 5, with an individual limit of 1.
Tombs will not give rewards once the mine limit has expired.
- You have a total of 5 Daily mine limits, which are renewed at 24:00.
- The party or individual who inflicts the most DMG to Boss Monsters receive bound rewards.
- Bonus items are given to the character that deals the final blow to Boss Monsters.

2. Divine Grace

- Blessings on Reverse Equipment! 'Divine Grace' has been updated.
- The Divine Grace feature is activated along with the opening of the Reverse.
- Find Divine Grace by touching [My Character > Reverse > Divine Grace].
- The Divine Grace feature involves blessing Reverse Equipment.

<Divine Grace Option>
- Equipment that can be blessed are as follows.
# Helmet, Necklace, Rings, Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots.
- Use Blessing Tool to bless Reverse Equipment with Divine Grace Options.
- Here, press the Save button to bless with Divine Grace Options.
Any previous options will be overwritten with the new Divine Grace Option.
- Divine Grace Options consist of 3 Grades and Types.
Grades: Magic, Rare, Epic
Type: Radiant, Fatal, Reliable, Dreadful, Vain
- Blessing Tool are used in Divine Grace.
- You receive additional set options for every 2, 4, 5 equipment with the same Divine Grace Option type.
When you have 5 equipment of the same Divine Grace Option type, you will acquire the Grace set effect.
- When you have Divine Grace Options of different Grades, the lower Grace set effect will be applied.

<Option Enhance>
- Become stronger by enhancing Divine Grace Options blessed on Reverse Equipment.
- Use Jewel of Grace to enhance your Divine Grace Options.
- Maximum option levels vary depending on the Grade of Divine Grace Options. The higher the Grade, the higher the maximum option levels.
- When Divine Grace Options are changed to a lower Grade, maximum option levels are decreased accordingly. If previous option levels were higher than the maximum option level of the lower Grade, only the maximum option level properties are applied.

<Option Exchange>
- Divine Grace Options can be exchanged between Reverse Equipment.
- Options can only be exchanged between equipment of the same part.
- You may exchange higher option Grades to a lower one.
- Unbound Diamonds are required for Option Exchange. The required amount of Unbound Diamonds depends on option Grade.
- If one or more Reverse Equipment used in Option Exchange is bound, the exchanged equipment becomes bound as well.

3. Hero

- Use Hero Pieces to summon different Heroes! 'Hero' has been updated.
- The Hero feature is activated along with the opening of the Reverse.
- Find Hero by touching [My Character > Reverse > Hero].
- Collect designated Hero Pieces to activate Heroes.
- You can acquire Hero Pieces in the Land of Chaos.
- Heroes consist of 3 Grades of Magic, Rare, and Epic.
- Heroes have 10 Tiers in total and 9 Star Grades are applied in each Tier.
- You must enhance Stars of the previous Tier in order to evolve to the next Tier.
- Basic options and skill levels increase after each Star enhance and Tier evolve.
- Emblem of Holy Spirit is required for Star enhance, and Scroll of Holy Spirit is required for Tier evolve. Both items can be acquired in the Land of Chaos.
- After activating a Hero, the Hero's basic options are added to your character options. Special options of the Hero are not applied.
- It is possible to disassemble a Hero. You can acquire Emblem of Holy Spirit by disassembling Heroes.
- Each Hero has 1 skill which is used automatically in battle.
- Heroes are not attacked and cannot die.
- You cannot use Heroes in the Arena, Battle of Olympus, or Clan Assault.

System improvement

1. Max Levels increased
- Maximum levels have been increased to 'Rebirth 18, lv.100).

2. Skill bugs fixed
- Fixed an issue when skills could not be used for a duration of time.
- Fixed Elf's Ice Arrow, Dark Knight's Ravage, Dark Wizard's Hellfire skills that haven't been performing properly.

3. Temporary disconnection on all map fixed
- Fixed as issue where characters going back to where they were during the gameplay.

4. Changed Storage conditions of Lucky Draw.
- Only the items drawn through Grand Draw x10 will now be sent to the Lucky Draw Storage.
- Items drawn through Normal Draw, Epic Draw, and Grand Draw will be sent directly to your inventory.

5. Changed Monster appearance conditions of East Akeron
- Spawn of Dread Golem(Elite), Berserk Warrior(Elite), and Necromancer(Elite) has been changed from once every 2 hours to once every 30 minutes.

6. Fixed Chat Messages
- Fixed an issue which notifications regarding the defeat of a Guild member were not displaying correctly.

7. Fixed Guild Name Change Limits
- Fixed an issue when changing Guild names, the limitation of inputable max letters were only 8. Now Guild names can be changed up to 20 letters.

8. Changed Clan Create Requirements
- Required Unbound Diamonds when creating Clan has been changed from 500 Unbound Diamonds to 50 Unbound Diamonds.

9. Changed Acquired Quantity of Power Crystals when Disassembling Mounts
- Normal Mounts: 30 Power Crystal → 100 Power Crystal
- Rare Mounts: 50 Power Crystal → 200 Power Crystal
- Epic Mounts: 200 Power Crystal → 400 Power Crystal

10. Epic Chest, Pet, Mount Capture Rate Renewed
- The rate for Epic Chest, Pet and Mount Capture have been renewed.
- Information for renewed rate can be checked here: Chance Renewal

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