[Event] Escape the Ruins! - 02/13/20 ~ 02/29/20

2/12/2020 9:57:36 AM

[Event] Escape the Ruins!
Event Date: 02/13/20 ~ 02/29/20
Reward: (All Participants- 15 Tarot Card Pack, 3 Wings Upgrade Package, 10 Hallow Essence (100), 10 Guardian Essence (100)), (Additaional Reward for Participants with right answer- Countdown Footprint)

Finally, the adventurers reach the final chamber of the dungeon. All of a sudden, the walls close in, and the floor start to crumble! The only exit is through the door with a strange puzzle! To open the door, one must solve the puzzle and enter the right number! Help the adventurers escape, and they will share a portion of their treasures!

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