January Event Winners

2/18/2020 1:44:09 AM


Q: How will I know if I win the event?
A: Your information will be listed under the event you have participated with so always check this thread to get the list of winners of each event!

Q: When will we be able to claim our reward?
A: Rewards are always sent some time after the event ends. We gather the eligible entries and select the winners, which can take up to a week, but we will try to give an update as soon as possible. See the status of the rewards above with the guidelines noted below:

Event Active: The event is still ongoing and rewards will be sent once it ends.
Gathering Winners: Winners are being gathered.
Reward Sent: The rewards have been sent to the winners.

Q: How do we claim our rewards?
A: Rewards are delivered to your character via In-game mail so make sure that you check it time to time for you to claim it!

Q: How come I wasn't able to win the events?
A: Please ensure that you provided the correct character information before the event ends for us to send out the reward!

Please visit this link for the winners of  last month's events.