[Event] 4th Anniversary of MU - 07/24/20 ~ 08/02/20

7/24/2020 6:41:59 AM

4th Anniversary of MU
Event Date:07/24/20 - 08/02/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 10 Power Crystal, 20 Superior Badge Box, 5 Jewel of Guardian Set, 100 Immortal Essence, 50 Immortal Jewel, (Additional reward- over 300 likes) 1 new Title

With your interests and loves to the MU Origin, an year has passed! We sincerely thank you all for playing MU Origin! To thank you for your supports, we have prepared some rewards! Please write simple replies with cheering for MU Origin and press the like button. There will be an additional reward when the like reaches certain amount! We hope you enjoy playing MU Origin more. Thank you!

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