[Event] What I like about my Guild! 08/06/20 - 08/19/20

8/9/2020 6:01:16 PM

What I like about my Guild!
Event Date:08/06/20 - 08/19/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 50 Contribution(100), 20 Mount Emblem Treasure Chest, 50 Aether Dust(100), 30 Clan Pet EXP Pack, (5 Participants with most funny replies) 1 New Accessory

The rain has continued pouring down, stopping the adventure for our warriors. They gathered in the bar in Lorencia and talked about the monsters they've defeated and the places they've been to, One of them started talking about guilds and all of a sudden, every warrior in the bar joined in on the conversation. They all said 'What I like about my Guild is...' Please leave a comment about your guild and receive rewards!

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