[Event] Returning the Favor! 08/20/20 - 09/02/20

8/19/2020 2:21:54 PM

Returning the Favor!
Event Date:08/20/20 - 09/02/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 15 Power Crystal (100), 5 Mount Evolve Box, 30 Hallow Essence (100), 80 Elemental Stone (30), Participants with correct answer- 1 New Accessory

On a dark knight, a drunk man was lying on the streets. When he woke up in the morning, he was surprised to see himself, cozy inside an inn. The man tried very hard to remember what had happened the night before, and soon remembered that a mount brought him to the inn. He wanted to thank the mount but it was too dark and he was in no condition to tell which mount it was. Warriors, can you help this man find the mount? There will be rewards from the man!

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