[Event] What is my Nickname? - 10/01/20 ~ 10/14/20

10/5/2020 4:38:45 AM

What is my Nickname?
Event Date:10/01/20 - 10/14/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 10 Power Crystal (100), 100 Lunar Flame, 50 Starlight Box, 1 Special Soul Stone Talisman, (5 Participants with most creative answers) - 1 new Accessory

One day at Lorencia marketplace, Delgado was going around to get some for dinner. When he was looking at the salmon, he heard some conversation from the two warriors. Their name was 'brave1' and 'crazy2' but they didn't called each other with their names. Delgado was so curious why they didn't used their names so couldn't resist to ask them. Their answer was simple, it was their nicknames! Hearing that Delgado could feel his heart was telling that he wants one of those nicknames! Please help Delgado have nice one nickname!

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