[Event] Finding the Halloween Around Us! 10/29/20 - 11/04/20

10/27/2020 4:57:11 PM

Finding the Halloween Around Us!
Event Date:10/29/20 - 11/04/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 30 Token of Courage, 10 Mount Evolve Box, 30 Random Superior Fruit Package, 5 Jewel of Guardian Set, Beautiful Footprint Box

Whoo-oo-ooo~ It's the Halloween~ But we didn't had time to decorate our house and the children are coming! I wonder how disappointed they would be. Since there is no time to go to the decoration shop, let's use items from around us. What kind of item would go well with the Halloween spirit? Please help me find the items that can be used from the MU Origin!

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