[Event] Hidden in the Fallen leaves! 11/05/20 - 11/18/20

11/4/2020 4:03:53 PM

Hidden in the Fallen leaves!
Event Date:11/05/20 - 11/18/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 100 Fountain of Magic, 50 Strap of Magic, 1 Superior Rune Box, 300 Golden Relic Gift Box, (Additional Reward for Participants with correct answer)- 1 New Accessory

One day the museum was carrying new paintings but, the driver made a mistake and dropped some of them. Fortunately, most of the paintings were fine but one painting was covered with the fallen leaves. The leaves were stuck on the painting and was impossible to take it off so, the driver got an idea to make a new painting that looks exactly like the original. However, the painting was covered with leaves so, he couldn't figure out what it is drawn on. Warriors, please help him what the original painting might look like!

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