[Event] Entering The Mall! - 11/19/20 ~ 12/02/20

11/19/2020 2:43:25 AM

Entering The Mall!
Event Date:11/19/20 - 12/02/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 10 Jewel of Guardian Set, 50 Clan Pet EXP Pack, 15 Power Crystal (100), 15 Mount Evolve Box, (Participants with Correct Answer) - 1 New Accessory

New shopping mall has been built in the city of Lorencia. The biggest sales event of the year 'black Friday' was near so, many warriors in Lorencia was excited for the grand opening. On the day of the opening, no one could get in. On the steadily locked entrance, there were a note and the buttons to input the password. On the note it says, 'Only the warriors who can solve this puzzle can enter'. Warriors let's solve this puzzle and get the items on sale!

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