[Event] Random Tarot Cards - 12/18/18 ~ 12/24/18

12/16/2018 10:55:14 PM

Random Tarot Cards
Event Date: 12/18/18 ~ 12/24/18
Reward: (every correct answered participants) 15 Random Tarot Card, 3 Superior Fame Badge, 10 Aether Dust (100), 10 Elemental Stone (30)

Since the Tarot Card system has been improved, many warriors seem to buy the Random Tarot Cards from the shops. You also bought some Random Tarot Cards and opened them. Justice, Wheel of Fortune, The Star…. and what is this? The Card is in bad shape, so you have no idea what card it is. On the back of the wrapper, it says ‘Caution: content might include few defective cards. Visit our customer service in case of any product defect. Please be noted that the defective cards can only be exchanged with the same sort of cards.’
Find out which card it is to exchange!

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