[Event] Best Friends Forever - 02/26/19 ~ 03/04/19

2/23/2019 4:52:16 PM

Best Friends Forever
Event Date: 02/26/19 ~ 03/04/19
Reward: (All Participant) 5 Bound Zen (1,000,000), 3 Special Bless Set, 2 Special Soul Set, 2 Special Life Set
(Additional Reward for Participants that have sent Enchant Stone to each other) 2 Jewel of Guardian Set

Sending an Enchant Stone among friends have recently been a mega trend in Lorencia. By exchanging gifts, friendship hardens, and bonds deepen for sure. The Organization for Friendship in Lorencia wanted to expand this social phenomenon, so they held an event. During the event period, send an Enchant Stone to a friend or two, and post a screenshot of it. There will be an additional reward if two participants sent the gift to each other.
Please write clearly who you had sent the Enchant Stone to!

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