[Event] Searching For Four-Leaf Clovers - 03/06/19 ~ 03/19/19

3/5/2019 5:09:25 PM

Searching For Four-Leaf Clovers
Event Date: 03/06/19 ~ 03/19/19
Reward: (Participants with right answer) 20 Gem (10,000), 5 Epic Chest Ticket, 5 Normal Mount Evolve Stone, 3 Awaken-Chest of Life

March is a special occasion for the Dark Wizard Delgado, because this is when four-leaf clovers appear on the MU continent. His magic research requires large amounts of them, and Delgado is willing to reward warriors who will assist him. Can you find all of the four-leaf clovers here?
Answer correctly and you will be given special gifts!

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