[Event] Vote your Force! - 10/23/18 ~ 10/29/18

10/21/2018 8:51:55 PM

Vote your Force!
Event Date: 10/23/18 ~ 10/29/18
Reward: (30 winners) 10 Random Superior Fruit, 3 Special Jewel Set, 20 Elemental Stone (30), 5 Superior Badge Box

In the middle of Lorencia, three knights are gathered and asking something to everybody that passes by them. When you try to get by, they come to you and say.
Union knight : ""Hello, warrior. We are the knights from each Force.""
Association knight : ""We would like to ask you a simple question.""
Order knight : ""Which Force do you think is the strongest?""
Three knights : ""Please choose a Force you would like to join!""
The knights seem very obsessed to have your answer as they would not let you go until they hear anything. Please tell them which Force you wish to join. They look wealthy enough to have some rewards back!

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