[Event] Phantom Thieves - 11/26/18 ~ 12/10/18

11/26/2018 4:47:17 AM

Phantom Thieves
Event Date: 11/26/18 ~ 12/10/18
Reward: (every participants) 30 Condor feather, 20 Condor Flame, 2 Superior Achievement, 3,000,000 Bound Zen, (first correct answer) Accessory

A lot of legendary thieves have tried to steal this accessory from the greedy baron of Lorencia, but no one has succeeded. The time has come for us, the Phantom Thieves, to steal the accessory from the baron! We managed to sneak into his mansion and there it is! But wait, the cage is locked by a powerful spell. To break the spell, you have to enter the correct name of the accessory.
Enter the name correctly and get the job done!
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