[Event] Lost Names - 01/09/19 ~ 01/22/19

1/8/2019 4:43:17 AM

Lost Names
Event Date: 01/09/19 ~ 01/22/19
Reward: (30 winners) 5 Bound Diamond (100), 30 Emblem Light, 20 Emblem Guardian, 10 Ruins Point (100)

Some warriors encountered the evil witch while crossing the Swamp of Peace. She cursed them with a very wicked spell called name-nesia. Once you are cursed, you and everyone around you forget your name and cannot recall it forever. The witch has hidden their names in the creepy forest in the Swamp of Peace. To go through the forest, you have to follow some rules. The rules are as follows.
1. You cannot go back the way you already passed.
2. You must go left or right if you meet a fork.
3. The entrance closes once you enter the forest.
Unfortunately, only one warrior could retrieve his/her name, and others couldn’t. Please write who got his/her name back, so we can go and ask him/her to retrieve other warriors’ names too!

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