[Event] An Exotic Painting - 01/23/19 ~ 02/05/19

1/22/2019 4:42:53 PM

An Exotic Painting
Event Date: 01/23/19 ~ 02/05/19
Reward: (30 winners) 5 Superior Badge Box, 30 Elemental Stone (30), 30 Aether Dust (100), Astrology Set

Many various things come into Lorencia’s lost and found every day. Recently, a very exotic painting was received. It seems like a portrait of someone, but we couldn’t figure out who it is. So far, no one has ever come to look for this painting. It will be discarded if it doesn’t find its owner by tomorrow. It is such a masterpiece to be abandoned!
Please take a close look and tell us whose portrait it is.

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