[Event] Best Dresser of Valentine’s Night - 02/06/19 ~ 02/19/19

2/1/2019 9:13:30 PM

Best Dresser of Valentine’s Night
Event Date: 02/06/19 ~ 02/19/19
Reward: (All participants) 10 Random Superior Fruit, 5 Rainbow Spark, 50 Emblem Light, 30 Emblem Guardian

As Valentine’s Day approaches on the MU Continent, its citizens are keeping themselves busy waiting for the romantic occasion. Lorencia’s inn-keeper Lumen has added extra enthusiasm by offering free drinks to the best dressers of the night. The competition went so fierce that Lumen and other judges are having difficulty choosing among 3 candidates. Show your support by voting for one best dresser. Lumen has prepared special gifts for your help!

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