MU Origin Update - Genesis War Update - Patch Notes

5/7/2020 11:48:10 PM

■ MU Origin Update (v13.0) ■

Newly added contents

1. Genesis War
- Who will survive to the end? The Genesis War has been updated.
- The Genesis War is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during 20:00 ~ 20:20.
- You may participate in the Genesis War after you reach Reverse lv.30.
- The Genesis War is an individual Reverse event where you fight anonymously with other players.
# After entering the Genesis War, all other character names will be hidden.
# Other Titles or Guild names will be hidden.
- The Genesis War is held under 'All' mode. You may not change your PK mode during this event.
- Your PK points will not increase during the event.
- Up to 220 players can participate in the Genesis War.

<Genesis War Rules>
- The Genesis War consists of 5 Floors. You will enter and start from the 1st Floor.
- You will acquire points on each floor depending on your survival time.
- You will acquire points for killing other players. The higher the floor, the more kill points you will receive.
- You may leave or enter the Genesis War freely during the designated event time.
- Upon re-entry, you will start from the 1st Floor. The points you have stacked will remain.
- All warriors participating in the Genesis War will receive the Light of Ares buff.
# Light of Ares: Your HP does not recover. You will deal additional Reverse DMG.

▶ Non-decisive stage
- The first four floors of the Genesis War will be non-decisive.
- You can advance to the next floor once you reach the designated kill counts. After moving to another floor, you will be invincible for 5 seconds and your HP will be fully recovered.
- You may drop down floors once you reach a certain amount of deaths.
- After you drop down a floor, all your death counts will be reset.

▶ Decisive stage
- After the decisive time starts, the top floor will be opened.
- The top 10 players will automatically move to the 5th floor once the decisive time starts.
- During this time, all other players will have a chance to move to the 5th floor after reaching the designated kill count.

▶ Point Rewards
- You will receive Point Rewards after reaching a certain amount of points.
- Point Rewards will be given to your Reverse Inventory.

▶ Ranking Rewards
- The Genesis War ranking will be accounted for once the event is over.
- The higher your ranking, the bigger your rewards.
- The top ranking player will receive an Exclusive Title, the "Flame of Primal".
- The Exclusive Title will last until the next Genesis War.

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