[Event] MU Detective 05/14/20 - 05/31/20

5/13/2020 7:21:31 PM

MU Detective
Event Date:05/14/20 - 05/31/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 10 Bound Zen (1,000,000), 5 Wings Upgrade Package, 3 Power crystal (100), 1 New Accessory, Participant with most humorous reply - 1 New Special Accessory

When there is a case, one person always appears. The best detective in history! Detective Grace! There was no mystery that Grace couldn't solve. One day, a case was delivered to the office. It was about finding a lost watch. It is a simple task for Grace, but today, Grace wanted to see the creativity of the others. So, she opened a quest about how to find the lost watch. This might be the chance, a chance to be the partner of legendary detective! Write your thoughts about how to find the lost watch! There will be a special reward for the one who makes Grace smile.

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