[Event] Summer with MU - 06/05/20 ~ 06/18/20

6/5/2020 3:37:54 AM

Summer with MU
Event Date:06/05/20 - 06/18/20
Reward: (All Participants) - 15 Superior Badge Box, 5 Mount Emblem Treasure, 50 Elemental Stone (30), 5 Epic Pet Ticket, (1 Participant with Best comment) - 1 Swimsuit Costume

As summer approaches in the continent of MU, many warriors have been preparing for their summer vacation. All of a sudden, one question popped into everyone's mind. ""Among all the items in MU, which best suits the beach?"" What do you think? We would like to hear your thoughts. There will be rewards for those who provide answers. - Taken from a survey in MU University's marketing and psychology class -

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