[Event] Let's Solve Together! 04/02/21 - 04/15/21

4/2/2021 7:54:54 AM

Let's Solve Together!
Event Date:04/02/21 - 04/15/21
Reward: (All Participants) - 10 Power Crystal (100), 10 Mount Evolve Treasure Chest, 30 Heaven Drop, 10 Rune Dust (100), Participants with correct answer- 1 New Accessory

The test season for the students in MU high school has begun. Here are the some of the qustions from introduction to warriology. 1. Choose all materials to enhance the Demonic Hallow. a. Demonic Blade b. Demonic Sword c. Demonic Wings d. Demonic Eye e. Demonic Horn f. Demonic Feather g. Demonic Bone h. Demonic Hair i. Demonic Heart 2. Choose the correct skills for the Dark Knight. a. Cyclone b. Hurricane Blow c. Twister d. Swollen Life e. Death Stab f. Ravage Blow g. Doom Crush h. Flare Swing i. Infinity 3. What is the item that need to enhance Descent? a. Emblem of Light b. Power Crystal c. Rune Crystal d. Heavenly Drop e. Heaven's Drop f. Holy Tear g. Condor Feather h. Heaven Drop i. Golden Relic 4. Name all 5 type of characters that warriors can choose. 5. Who is the first NPC that warriors talk when you arrive at Lorencia?

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