[Event] MU Quiz On the Block! - 11/05/21 ~ 11/18/21

11/5/2021 11:31:42 PM

MU Quiz On the Block!
Event Date:11/05/21 - 11/18/21
Reward: (All Participants) - 30 Mount Emblem Treasure Chest, 10 Epic Pet Ticket, 10 Mount Emblem Soul Chest, 10 Power Crystal (100), 1 new Accessory

Hello, welcome to the new amazing Quiz show, MU Quiz On the Block! Here goes our first Quiz! 1. What is the name of the latest Class in MU Origin? 2. What is the max level of the Mount? 3. Where can we see Parashu at? 4. What is Soul Emblem for? 5. What is the max Tier for the Equipment?

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