MU Origin Update - Holy Mage - Patch Notes

12/7/2021 10:21:18 AM

■ MU Origin Update (v17.0) ■

1. Holy Mage
- The new class we all have been waiting for has been added.
- Possessing Rebirth 3 or above character or consuming [Prelude of Oracle] is required to create a Holy Mage character.
# Prelude of Oracle can be purchased from the Shop.
- Holy Mage becomes Rebirth 3 Lv. 50 when created.
- Holy Mage's equipment starts from Tier 5 and the Tier 5 equipment are equipped when created.
- Holy Mage can use skills such as 'Holy Flame', 'Nebula Chain', 'Earth Splitter', 'Dark Force'.

2. Aether Shield
- Protect your character! Aether Shield has been added!
- Aether Shield can be checked from [Character > Aether Shield].
- Aether Shield is opened after reaching Rebirth 7 Lv. 100.
- When Aether Shield is opened, damage dealt to the character is partially absorbed.

- Aether Shield can be enhanced and evolved.
- When enhancing Aether Shield, [Aether Shield Stone], [Aether Shield Soul Stone], [Aether Shield Power Stone] is required.
- When evolving [Aether Shield Crystal] and [Aether Shield Soul Crystal] is required.
- Enhancing the Aether Shield will increase the basic options and evolving will increase absorbing damage and reducing damage of Aether Shield's options

- The durability is an option that shows how much damage Aether Shield can absorb.
- If the damage exceeds the Aether Shield's durability, the exceeded damage will reduce the character's hp.
- When the character is defeated, the durability becomes zero.
- The durability of Aether Shield is automatically restored as the time goes by.

3. Miracle
- New Skill and New Armor! The Miracle system has been added.
- Miracle is opened after reaching Rebirth 3 Lv. 100.
- Miracle can be checked at [Character > Miracle].
- Miracle has 6 Celestials of Life, Power, Honest, Time, Fate and Spirit.
- To activate the Celestials, certain requirements must be reached.
# Miracle Life Celestial: Possess 50 Titles & use 1 Miracle Life Fragment.
# Miracle Spirit Celestial: Possess 50 Wings Costumes & use 1 Miracle Spirit Fragment.
# Miracle Fate Celestial: Possess 20 Costumes & use 1 Miracle Fate Fragment.
# Miracle Time Celestial: use 1 Miracle Time Fragment.
# Miracle Honest Celestial: Mount Level 80 Reached & use 1 Miracle Honest Fragment.
# Miracle Power Celestial: Pet total Level 280 Reached & use 1 Miracle Power Fragment.
- After activating Celestials, each Miracle Fragment can be used to enhance the Celestials and the max level of each Celestial is Lv. 5.
- Set effects of Ignore DEF, Slow Chance, Max HP are activated based on the numbers of 2, 4, 6 activated Celestials.
- After activating all 6 Celestials, [Dragon Soul Breath] Skill and [Celestial Armor] can be achieved.
- [Celestial Armor] can be freely equipped or unequipped when after achieved.
- Each Celestial has its own skill.
- Items required to activate Celestials can be acquired from Kingdom Warfare Shop.

4. Supreme Enhance
- Tier 14, 15 Equipment have been added and they can be crafted with Supreme Enhance system.
- Supreme Enhance is opened after reaching Rebirth 3 Lv. 100.
- Tier 13 or above equipment can be enhanced with Supreme Enhance.
- Supreme Enhance can be checke at [Refine > Supreme Enhance].
# When crafting Tier 14 Equipment, [Supreme Jewel], [Jewel of Transcendence], [Jewel of Bless], [Jewel of Soul], [Stardust Weapon/Armor/Accessory Piece], Zen and Transcendence Point is required
# When crafting Tier 15 Equipment, [Supreme Jewel], [Jewel of Transcendence], [Jewel of Bless], [Jewel of Soul], [Galaxy Weapon/Armor/Accessory Piece], Zen and Transcendence Point is required
- Supreme Enhance has certain success rate and when failure, additional success rate is accumulated.

5. Kingdom Warfare
- All Server Event Kingdom Warfare is added.
- Kingdom Warfare is proceeded randomly based on the character's CP.
- Registration is available from 10th to 17th every month.
- Trial match is proceeded on 18th and 19th every month on 15:30 to 15:40.
# 18th : Warriors to participate for the rounds of 32th is promoted among the participants based on the CP.
# 19th : Among Top 9 ~ Top 32 warriors, 8 warriors are promoted to the round of 16th and Top 1 ~ Top 8 warriors are promoted to the round of 16th without any battle.
- Warriors that couldn't promoted to the round of 16th remains on the round of 32th.
- 20th on every month, matches from round of 16th to final are proceeded.
- Match is proceeded with the battle time and break time, when the battle is finished, results are shown and after the break time, the next round begins.
- Both warriors are in automatic battle mode, so the warriors with higher CP will win, if they have same CP, winner will be selected randomly.
- if the participants are insufficient, one will be shown as unearned win.

- When victory or defeated or the warrior that you have cheered wins, Kingdom Point can be acquired.
- The quantity of Kingdom Point varies based on the ranking.
- The winner of Kingdom Warfare can acquire the exclusive title [Throne Taker].
- If the event is not held result of insufficient participants, the cancellation rewards can be claimed and they are sent to the mailbox.
- In the Kingdom Warfare Shop, various items can be exchanged with Kingdom Point.
- Ragnarok statue in Lorencia is altered with the Kingdom Warfare statue.

2. System improvement and adjustment

1. Halidom system improvement
- If there is Halidom that has higher grade than currently equipped Halidom in inventory, it is now be shown on the screen.
2. Equipment max Tier expansion.
- Max Tier of equipment has been expanded from 13 to 15.
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